Pictured Rocks: A photo poem

There’s nothing like stumbling into natural spectacles that you’ve never even heard of—those have been some of the coolest experiences of this adventure we’re on. And our pictures, like any photograph, are a poor reflection of what it feels like to be there in the brisk air, the changing light of the lowering sun and blowing clouds, […]

Minneapolis: Biking in bloomers

Minneapolis has a lively, historically-aware coolness—even when it’s hot. When we stopped here for a few days, two attitudes we immediately noticed were creativity and bike friendliness; no clue whether there’s a relationship between the two. But everywhere you turn there are resources for cyclists. You don’t see swarms of bicycles like in some European cities. But the bike infrastructure […]

Along the way: Central plains and midwest

Leaving the great national parks in the Rockies I didn’t see how anything could top those experiences for OMG factor. And to be sure, we haven’t seen anything on the scale of the Tetons and Yellowstone. But I had little expectation for the beauty we would find next. June 26-27: The Black Hills, Mount Rushmore and […]

Das Boat

Have you read “Steel Boat, Iron Hearts”? I have not, but Bruce loved the true story of the U-505, a World War II submarine by Hans Goebeler, who crewed on every war patrol aboard this “unterseeisch”. Both the sub and the author were captured by the US Navy’s hunter-killer group in 1944. After the war Goebeler was […]

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A pragmatic friendship

What could the connection possibly be between a World War I French army marshal and a Plains Indian chief? When I stumbled across a photo in a museum of Marshal Ferdinand Foch and Crow Chief Plenty Coups together, I was stopped in my tracks. I had to start digging to learn the story behind this […]

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The wild world of motorhome graphics

I’ve become a little obsessed with the swooshy, exuberant aesthetic of modern motorhome graphics. They whirl, they float, they undulate, ripple and swell. They take you on a joyride on an asphalt slipstream! On newer rigs they’re are all pretty similar, and yet they’re all unique. Is there a motorhome graphics guru or one swanky brand that pioneered this look, and […]