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Rowing on the Railroad

The home at 92 S. State Route 559 in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, is a sweet old house—built in 1855 by Anson Pearl Howard, the homestead became known as Lazy Man’s Rest. There are a few Ansons in the Howard family—including our son, Tait Anson Cummings Howard. Anson Pearl Howard, Bruce’s great, great grandfather, was a farmer by occupation. He also […]

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Invisible walls

Everyone knows that Los Angeles is famous for its freeways. And it’s known as the home of the movie industry. But did you know the two sort of grew up together? Back in the 50’s, cars started going faster, so traction started to matter more, and tires started getting wider, and more freeways started getting […]

The short and colorful life of the Conch Republic

In Florida, the closer you get to Margaritaville, the more the population skews Peter Pan. While much of northern and western Florida is occupied by retirees and snowbirds, the further southeast you go, the younger the population seems to get. Like a lot of beachy areas, divers, surfers, and those pursuing laid back, I-don’t-want-to-grow-up lifestyles […]

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Drive-by messages from God

When did “Worship at 10 am Sunday” become “1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4 Given”? If you spend time driving rural roads and small towns in this country, you start noticing those church reader boards—you know, the signs out in front of churches with plastic changeable letters? You can’t help but wonder about them: who […]

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Pondering Florida’s contradictions

Every state is full of contradictions, made up as they are of human beings. But Florida’s incongruities are glaring. Florida is overrun with people and cars; so why is there only one freeway in the state? In the absence of freeways, the speed limits are high on the streets and roads; people drive really fast, weaving in and […]