Flagging our identity

It’s funny how out-of-towners notice what you take for granted. Driving around Seattle with my California sister recently, I saw the city with fresh eyes when she finally asked, what’s with the big “12” flags all over the place? I explained the significance of the “12th Man” in the success of our home team Seattle […]

The anecdote and the data

Spending a year traveling the country is one way to observe some striking similarities and differences across regions. Of course it’s the differences that make me curious. There are Target stores and McDonalds absolutely everywhere. You’ll find Waffle House in the South and Bob Evans in the Midwest. There are ranch-style ramblers and manufactured homes all over. […]

The short and colorful life of the Conch Republic

In Florida, the closer you get to Margaritaville, the more the population skews Peter Pan. While much of northern and western Florida is occupied by retirees and snowbirds, the further southeast you go, the younger the population seems to get. Like a lot of beachy areas, divers, surfers, and those pursuing laid back, I-don’t-want-to-grow-up lifestyles […]

Anne Burras and Jane

There’s an archaearium—an archaeology museum—on the site of the original Jamestown settlement in Virginia, where you can get a little peek into life as one of the first colonists. Especially intriguing is the reconstructed face of a lovely young girl—she is a face without a name, so the archaeologists have dubbed her Jane. She is not Anne […]

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People make the place

It’s funny how easy it is to go through life just being the star of your own TV show. You focus on family, work, problems, solutions—until that’s all that’s on your screen; it fills your field of vision and you think that’s the whole world. Some people are so engaged with helping others they can avoid this […]