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A ramble a little too late

After you’ve spent a year tripping through all corners of the country, you can’t drive around the Northwest without taking new notice of your surroundings, almost seeing it with an outsider’s eyes. I have a fresh appreciation for a serrated ridge spattered with mist, a bleached stretch of desert, a snuff-colored basalt skyscraper. It’s been almost […]

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Eighteen years

Eighteen years sounds like a long while, until you’ve raised a child or two, and you see how fast that time slides by. In 18 years they learn to read, to swim, to like broccoli, to like the opposite sex. They go from reading about cute talking animals to Jack London to Kafka. They grow […]

Flagging our identity

It’s funny how out-of-towners notice what you take for granted. Driving around Seattle with my California sister recently, I saw the city with fresh eyes when she finally asked, what’s with the big “12” flags all over the place? I explained the significance of the “12th Man” in the success of our home team Seattle […]

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Thinking on purpose

Every year, along with wet skies and yellow leaves, fall brings the end of frivolous sunny days and the onslaught of back to school—that sense that it’s time to get serious again. It’s a deeply ingrained impulse that I’ve just recognized as one source of my restlessness. I’m feeling an unfamiliar lack of a sense […]