Flagging our identity

It’s funny how out-of-towners notice what you take for granted. Driving around Seattle with my California sister recently, I saw the city with fresh eyes when she finally asked, what’s with the big “12” flags all over the place? I explained the significance of the “12th Man” in the success of our home team Seattle […]

Five little movies to trip the U.S. with us!

It’s been a month now since we returned to Birch Bay, on July 30th, after 14 months on the road, and I’ve just finished five little movies with highlights from our Tin Can Tour. Each covers a broad region of the country that we explored: eight or ten states in just 15-25 minutes! If you want to […]

Along the way: The South—God, guns, and grits

I’ve long been curious about the Deep South. We Yankees hold many prejudices about the region: friendly, drawling people and soulful music; confederate flags and conservative Christians; fried chicken, and Fried Green Tomatoes. I know I’m not going to do more than scratch the surface of the place by visiting for a couple of months. But I […]

Going the way of My Old Kentucky Home

When we drove into rural eastern Kentucky from Tennessee, I remarked to Bruce that it was amazing how many junkyards there are in the area. Then I saw that those weren’t junkyards—they were just yards around people’s houses. Some (not all of course) were strewn with every kind of discard—rusty appliances, tires and cars and parts […]

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Rowing on the Railroad

The home at 92 S. State Route 559 in Mechanicsburg, Ohio, is a sweet old house—built in 1855 by Anson Pearl Howard, the homestead became known as Lazy Man’s Rest. There are a few Ansons in the Howard family—including our son, Tait Anson Cummings Howard. Anson Pearl Howard, Bruce’s great, great grandfather, was a farmer by occupation. He also […]

The short and colorful life of the Conch Republic

In Florida, the closer you get to Margaritaville, the more the population skews Peter Pan. While much of northern and western Florida is occupied by retirees and snowbirds, the further southeast you go, the younger the population seems to get. Like a lot of beachy areas, divers, surfers, and those pursuing laid back, I-don’t-want-to-grow-up lifestyles […]