Five little movies to trip the U.S. with us!

It’s been a month now since we returned to Birch Bay, on July 30th, after 14 months on the road, and I’ve just finished five little movies with highlights from our Tin Can Tour. Each covers a broad region of the country that we explored: eight or ten states in just 15-25 minutes! If you want to […]

Along the way: The Southwest and the rest of the West

I’m sitting down to start this last “Along the way” blog on our last night along the way—our last before we arrive back in Birch Bay, WA, tomorrow (on July 30). We’re both feeling slightly stunned that it’s over. It still feels a bit like we’re just getting started; that is, until we look back […]

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Give me a sign: Finding our way across America

Until you drive around the country for a year, you don’t appreciate the diversity of signs that get us from here to there. And now they’re also helping us mark our progress along the way. Watching this 8-minute video, you can follow along with us as we navigate our way around rural roads and city thoroughfares; […]

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What you can learn from billboards

In 1965, Lady Bird Johnson wanted the highways clear of billboards and junkyards, and filled with green landscaping and wildflowers. But the powerful billboard industry wasn’t having it. The battle to pass a law to control the proliferating highway ads was fierce. President Lyndon Johnson told his cabinet “You know I love that woman and […]

The anecdote and the data

Spending a year traveling the country is one way to observe some striking similarities and differences across regions. Of course it’s the differences that make me curious. There are Target stores and McDonalds absolutely everywhere. You’ll find Waffle House in the South and Bob Evans in the Midwest. There are ranch-style ramblers and manufactured homes all over. […]

I’m seeing signs from God

What are churches trying to say with the sayings on their readerboards? Driving around the country (and not just in the bible belt) I’ve seen signs that try to recruit new churchgoers. Spark drive-by divine inspiration. Post biblical blurbs for believers. Guilt trip the sinners among us. Take sides on the issues of the day. And even one-up the […]

A strange world beneath your feet

I want to share an experience with you that really bowled me over—but I know next to nothing about geology, and I’m not sure I can talk about it in a way that’s meaningful. Maybe it’s just one of those “you had to be there” places. (So I’m thinking: duh, I won’t just talk about it, I’ll share some photos! Of […]

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17 Minutes down the Music Highway

Tag along with us down the Music Highway: from Nashville to Acadiana! About ten years ago I started dreaming about going to the Mississippi Delta to listen to blues music where it was born. Bruce thought it was pretty funny that I imagined I could just drive down a dirt road somewhere and hear some old guy pickin’ on […]