Five little movies to trip the U.S. with us!

It’s been a month now since we returned to Birch Bay, on July 30th, after 14 months on the road, and I’ve just finished five little movies with highlights from our Tin Can Tour. Each covers a broad region of the country that we explored: eight or ten states in just 15-25 minutes! If you want to […]

Along the way: The Southwest and the rest of the West

I’m sitting down to start this last “Along the way” blog on our last night along the way—our last before we arrive back in Birch Bay, WA, tomorrow (on July 30). We’re both feeling slightly stunned that it’s over. It still feels a bit like we’re just getting started; that is, until we look back […]

A strange world beneath your feet

I want to share an experience with you that really bowled me over—but I know next to nothing about geology, and I’m not sure I can talk about it in a way that’s meaningful. Maybe it’s just one of those “you had to be there” places. (So I’m thinking: duh, I won’t just talk about it, I’ll share some photos! Of […]

Along the way: The South—God, guns, and grits

I’ve long been curious about the Deep South. We Yankees hold many prejudices about the region: friendly, drawling people and soulful music; confederate flags and conservative Christians; fried chicken, and Fried Green Tomatoes. I know I’m not going to do more than scratch the surface of the place by visiting for a couple of months. But I […]

Going the way of My Old Kentucky Home

When we drove into rural eastern Kentucky from Tennessee, I remarked to Bruce that it was amazing how many junkyards there are in the area. Then I saw that those weren’t junkyards—they were just yards around people’s houses. Some (not all of course) were strewn with every kind of discard—rusty appliances, tires and cars and parts […]

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‘Aunt’ Jess Guernsey’s discovery

How can you spend any time in the Flume Gorge at Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire and not feel a sudden interest in geology coming on? When nature presents you with chasms of towering cliffs and plunging water, who can help but be curious about the awesome forces that shaped this landscape? Then you run smack […]

Pictured Rocks: A photo poem

There’s nothing like stumbling into natural spectacles that you’ve never even heard of—those have been some of the coolest experiences of this adventure we’re on. And our pictures, like any photograph, are a poor reflection of what it feels like to be there in the brisk air, the changing light of the lowering sun and blowing clouds, […]

Along the way: Central plains and midwest

Leaving the great national parks in the Rockies I didn’t see how anything could top those experiences for OMG factor. And to be sure, we haven’t seen anything on the scale of the Tetons and Yellowstone. But I had little expectation for the beauty we would find next. June 26-27: The Black Hills, Mount Rushmore and […]