I’m seeing signs from God

What are churches trying to say with the sayings on their readerboards? Driving around the country (and not just in the bible belt) I’ve seen signs that try to recruit new churchgoers. Spark drive-by divine inspiration. Post biblical blurbs for believers. Guilt trip the sinners among us. Take sides on the issues of the day. And even one-up the […]

A strange world beneath your feet

I want to share an experience with you that really bowled me over—but I know next to nothing about geology, and I’m not sure I can talk about it in a way that’s meaningful. Maybe it’s just one of those “you had to be there” places. (So I’m thinking: duh, I won’t just talk about it, I’ll share some photos! Of […]

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17 Minutes down the Music Highway

Tag along with us down the Music Highway: from Nashville to Acadiana! About ten years ago I started dreaming about going to the Mississippi Delta to listen to blues music where it was born. Bruce thought it was pretty funny that I imagined I could just drive down a dirt road somewhere and hear some old guy pickin’ on […]

Along the way: The South—God, guns, and grits

I’ve long been curious about the Deep South. We Yankees hold many prejudices about the region: friendly, drawling people and soulful music; confederate flags and conservative Christians; fried chicken, and Fried Green Tomatoes. I know I’m not going to do more than scratch the surface of the place by visiting for a couple of months. But I […]

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License to express yourself

Spend as much time on the road as we have lately, and you can’t help but marvel at the unrestrained proliferation of expressive license plates. Back when plates were stamped out of metal by convicts, you got a few numbers, a few letters, and a state motto. You had to put a bumper sticker on your car […]

More road trip fun: Houses of Georgia

We’ve spent a fair amount of time in our travels gawking at houses along the way. Big and small; old and new. Fabulously restored and completely ignored. City. Country. Everything in between. I’ve found that trying to identify the styles and types of houses we see is an interesting lens for understanding the historic, cultural, […]

Going the way of My Old Kentucky Home

When we drove into rural eastern Kentucky from Tennessee, I remarked to Bruce that it was amazing how many junkyards there are in the area. Then I saw that those weren’t junkyards—they were just yards around people’s houses. Some (not all of course) were strewn with every kind of discard—rusty appliances, tires and cars and parts […]