Five little movies to trip the U.S. with us!

It’s been a month now since we returned to Birch Bay, on July 30th, after 14 months on the road, and I’ve just finished five little movies with highlights from our Tin Can Tour. Each covers a broad region of the country that we explored: eight or ten states in just 15-25 minutes!

If you want to watch more than one, you can skip the 50-second intro on the subsequent videos, which is meant to allow each movie to stand alone. (And if you don’t see the video windows below, try clicking your “reload page” link.)

1. The Northern Tier

Leaving the northwest corner of the U.S. in May 2014, we reveled in stunning geography, sampled the cultural life of smaller cities and towns, and found much to love in the northern West and Midwest.

2. The Northeast

From Pennsylvania’s rust belt to the lakes and mountains of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine; then down through the seaports, battlefields, and old towns and cities from Massachusetts to Maryland. Our history is exciting, it’s palpable, and it’s everywhere.

3. The Southeast

We spent the coldest part of the winter in the warm Southeast, exploring the history and amazing coastal life from DC, West Virginia, and Virginia, then down through the Carolinas into Georgia and Florida.

4. The South

Leaving the languid coastal life behind, we explored the music, geography, and small town life up through Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky, then down the “music highway” from Nashville and Memphis, through Mississippi and New Orleans into Acadiana in Louisiana.

5. The Southwest & the Rest of the West

Heading into the warmest part of the year during the warmest year on record, we hiked and biked our way through Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado, culminating in a month exploring Utah’s extraordinary national parks. Then we cut West across Arizona and Nevada into California, turned right onto the home stretch through Oregon and Washington, and arrived home in the Northwest after 14 months on the road!


All photos: © 2015 Sue Cummings and Bruce Howard. All rights reserved. 

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