I’m seeing signs from God

What are churches trying to say with the sayings on their readerboards?

Driving around the country (and not just in the bible belt) I’ve seen signs that try to recruit new churchgoers. Spark drive-by divine inspiration. Post biblical blurbs for believers. Guilt trip the sinners among us. Take sides on the issues of the day. And even one-up the church down the street.

There are more than enough church readerboards posted online, from sincerely reverent to shamelessly irreverent. There doesn’t seem to be much I can add… except maybe putting them to music!

My point? One’s religion can be a sensitive topic and I respect all sincere beliefs. My only aim here is to share one sliver of America we’ve observed—the slice that proclaims its religious joie de vivre on its church readerboards out by the street.

(You can also view “Drive By Messages from God” on Youtube. If you like it, feel free to “Like” it!)

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