17 Minutes down the Music Highway

Tag along with us down the Music Highway: from Nashville to Acadiana!

Blues Crossroads, Clarksdale MS

The fabled Crossroads, Clarksdale, MS

About ten years ago I started dreaming about going to the Mississippi Delta to listen to blues music where it was born. Bruce thought it was pretty funny that I imagined I could just drive down a dirt road somewhere and hear some old guy pickin’ on his front porch.

Beale Street, Memphis TN

Beale Street, Memphis, TN

I started listening to the blues many years ago when my nephew gave me some recordings of early bluesmen—Skip James, Son House, Leroy Carr, Charlie Patton and others. This is very earthy, elemental stuff. Anyway, the Mississippi fantasy percolated. As Bruce and I talked about it, the idea slowly morphed into several things, like exploring the whole country, but for both of us, finding local music was always at the core.

The Spotted Cat, New Orleans, Ashlin Parker

Ashlin Parker, at the Spotted Cat, New Orleans, LA

Eventually, this fantasy became a reality, and we’ve traveled the US for a year now, listening to music wherever we found it. But we headed down the southern “Music Highway” in April and May this year, starting in Nashville, then on to Memphis, the Mississippi Delta, New Orleans, and Acadiana (Cajun country).

Hard Proof, The Blue Moon Saloon, Lafayette LA

Hard Proof, at The Blue Moon Saloon, Lafayette, LA

Because writing (and reading) about the experience of music is too third hand to be meaningful, I put together a little video, with snippets of some of my favorite music along the way. Music Highway is about 17 minutes. (And it’s a little rough, my first attempt at making something with iMovie. Just trying to set your expectations here!)

And for the record, I happened to be driving down a dirt road outside of Clarksdale, MS, one day, exploring an area with rustic old houses, and I came upon two young guys playing guitar on their front porch!

(You can also view “Music Highway” on Youtube. If you like it, feel free to “Like” it!)

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