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Mr. Smalls’ big break

As a mother, I’d like to believe I have had some influence on the quality of my child’s character. I’d love to think that my values and choices set a good example; that my own blind spots haven’t put him into therapy; that I put inspiring opportunities in my son’s path that helped shape the moral, […]

Anne Burras and Jane

There’s an archaearium—an archaeology museum—on the site of the original Jamestown settlement in Virginia, where you can get a little peek into life as one of the first colonists. Especially intriguing is the reconstructed face of a lovely young girl—she is a face without a name, so the archaeologists have dubbed her Jane. She is not Anne […]

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In praise of TrailLink

As much as we love to explore new places via bicycle, it hasn’t always been trouble free. I remember one time we tried to cycle to an old fort on the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia, and we found ourselves on a highway that got busier and busier while the bike lane got narrower and then disappeared—and to turn […]