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The state we’re in

Having been a west-coaster (that’s ‘west-coaster’, not ‘wet coaster’) all my life, and until recently having roamed the country mostly by dropping into cities to work for a few hours or days, I’ve always had an idle theory (some would say prejudice): that people on the coasts tend to move around more, and people in the […]

Along the way: More Great Lakes, rivers, and islands

  Wow, there are a lot of lakes around here, and therefore rivers feeding them. But to my mind it’s the waterfalls funneling into the Great Lakes that add the charm to these summer wonderlands. We kind of lost count of how many we found while hiking/walking/biking Michigan’s upper peninsula. Continuing our zigzagging northern US summer traverse, […]

Unboxed thinking

Everyone applauds thinking outside the box. I like the chess metaphor too, about thinking a few moves ahead of everyone else; that was Henry Ford. When he showed no interest in farming, his father didn’t force him to help on the family farm, instead giving him the freedom to pursue his interest in machinery. You […]

Pictured Rocks: A photo poem

There’s nothing like stumbling into natural spectacles that you’ve never even heard of—those have been some of the coolest experiences of this adventure we’re on. And our pictures, like any photograph, are a poor reflection of what it feels like to be there in the brisk air, the changing light of the lowering sun and blowing clouds, […]