Minneapolis: Biking in bloomers

Minneapolis has a lively, historically-aware coolness—even when it’s hot. When we stopped here for a few days, two attitudes we immediately noticed were creativity and bike friendliness; no clue whether there’s a relationship between the two. But everywhere you turn there are resources for cyclists. You don’t see swarms of bicycles like in some European cities. But the bike infrastructure […]

Along the way: Central plains and midwest

Leaving the great national parks in the Rockies I didn’t see how anything could top those experiences for OMG factor. And to be sure, we haven’t seen anything on the scale of the Tetons and Yellowstone. But I had little expectation for the beauty we would find next. June 26-27: The Black Hills, Mount Rushmore and […]

Das Boat

Have you read “Steel Boat, Iron Hearts”? I have not, but Bruce loved the true story of the U-505, a World War II submarine by Hans Goebeler, who crewed on every war patrol aboard this “unterseeisch”. Both the sub and the author were captured by the US Navy’s hunter-killer group in 1944. After the war Goebeler was […]

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A pragmatic friendship

What could the connection possibly be between a World War I French army marshal and a Plains Indian chief? When I stumbled across a photo in a museum of Marshal Ferdinand Foch and Crow Chief Plenty Coups together, I was stopped in my tracks. I had to start digging to learn the story behind this […]