The wild world of motorhome graphics

Motorhome graphics
Motorhome graphicsMotorhome graphicsI’ve become a little obsessed with the swooshy, exuberant aesthetic of modern motorhome graphics. They whirl, they float, they undulate, ripple and swell. They take you on a joyride on an asphalt slipstream!

On newer rigs they’re are all pretty similar, and yet they’re all unique. Is there a motorhome graphics guru or one swanky brand that pioneered this look, and everyone else emulates them? The toolbox is pretty simple—you just need an elliptical template to create most of these graphics, though occasionally you’ll see mountains, or trees, or wild animals. Cats are big—cougars, or is that a bobcat? I’ve seen horses, including the flying variety, and foxes. And birds of course.

What are those swooshes trying to connote? We’re swirling around the countryside, like a bird catching a zephyr? Hold on for a ride on the wild waves? Are they aspirational—making the vehicle breezily aerodynamic? The bigger and grander the motorhome, the more spirited the swooshes.

One element that’s a bit of a disconnect though is the color palette: they’re mostly in shades of tan and brown, which seems like an earthbound choice. Some mix in grey, occasionally blue, sometimes a a little maroon. Some of the fancier motorhomes have a dark brown or black background instead of white, with those swooshy graphics in the tan/brown palette. Those are some sexy beasts, breezily zooming down the road at 5 miles to the gallon!

Motorhome graphics Motorhome graphics Motorhome graphics


3 thoughts on “The wild world of motorhome graphics

  1. Hi Sue! Just checking in after happily diving into your literate style, your lavish photos and carefully appropriate selections. What great joy to follow you on this trek. Perhaps the most meaningful gift you could give me. I can feel the blood clots giving up already. Thanks for sharing in such a meaningful way.
    Much love, Aunt Reg

    • Reg – I’m so, so happy you’re mending. Wish I was there to say so in person because I love your energy and generous spirit!

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