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The wild world of motorhome graphics

I’ve become a little obsessed with the swooshy, exuberant aesthetic of modern motorhome graphics. They whirl, they float, they undulate, ripple and swell. They take you on a joyride on an asphalt slipstream! On newer rigs they’re are all pretty similar, and yet they’re all unique. Is there a motorhome graphics guru or one swanky brand that pioneered this look, and […]

A friendship in spite of a history

I like small town historical museums, where in just a few hours you can glean nuggets of insight about a time and place. These museums usually present the stories that a passionate group of town elders want to preserve for future generations. Sure, they highlight the positive and sometimes gloss over or ignore some of […]

Drive-by geology

It’s hard to go exploring in the West and not get a little interested in geology. In a few days’ drive you get crags of rock sticking up from a normal-looking dirt hill, cliffs of hexagonal rock columns, flat desert as far as you can see, high valleys ringed by even higher peaks, cinder cones […]

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One heck of a back yard

If you had a little orchard on a hill with a nice view, and you wanted to borrow enough to build a house—but the banks weren’t lending, you’d probably consider that a set-back, right? In 1930, Herman and Ruth Ohme just said: that’s fine, we’ll start working on the yard while we’re waiting for the […]