Running away from home

And now, on to the next phase of our life together. Finally. After what seems like years getting ready for this – actually, it has been years – we’ve run away from home today. It goes without saying that we’ll miss being with our friends and family, and we’d love to stay in close touch with you. Here are some ways we hope to do that:

  • This blog is all about sharing our adventure with you. (I suspect an added benefit will be to fill in memory lapses later!) I hope you will comment prolifically, and check back here often. You can get an email alert for new posts by scrolling down to the “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL” field on the right side of any blog page, entering your email and clicking “Subscribe”.
  • Do you know about Trover? It’s a cool little app where we’ll share photos of our discoveries and places we’re exploring. And they’re geo-tagged to where we took the picture, so it maps our meanderings. I know most of us already have enough social apps to keep us busy, but if you love travel and photography, or if you just want see where we’ve been, Trover is pretty great. You can follow us on your phone or laptop. Just go to and click on the yellow “Follow” button on the left side.
  • And if we’re friends on Facebook, we’ll also share and see you there!

We really look forward to staying connected with you throughout the next year.

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