A house is not a home

SleepoverYou know how you can go along ignoring topics and memes that don’t interest you, until you’re suddenly receptive for some reason?  Normally news about Burt Bacharach, like the review of a new show in NY ‘reimagining’ his songs, would be pretty far below my radar. But reading it last week this song title jumped out at at me.

With Hal David he eloquently wrote: a House is Not a Home. I’ve been riffing on this idea for the last week as we entered the brutal packing and prep home stretch before the house was listed. As of this moment, it’s been on the market for two hours.
The Christmas sisters 2013

Christmas 2013Our wonderful house now feels like a department store with trendy showroom furniture. Step by step, it’s not our house any more. So I have to figure out – if I have no house, where is my home; do I still have a home? A very bleak feeling.

But it slowly dawned on me that in small ways, it feels like I do. I was sitting in the market, having a blackened salmon sandwich with one of my sons before he moved to Portland, and that felt like home. I was driving with Bruce from the dump to the Re-PC store to the thrift shop – to the car wash to clean out the mess in the back of the truck – and that felt just like home. My home has no walls. But it’s real; I can feel it. Turns out you can take it with you.

And for the record, they were a hell of a songwriter team, even if I never loved the 101 strings style of music. After


3 thoughts on “A house is not a home

  1. If you threw away that wreath, I’ll never speak to you again. Not really! I was just so struck by what little I have in the way of a sense of security, and how such little things with only wisps of meaning, seem so much more significant than they really are when I try to pin hopes and intimacy on the stuffs of life. There is a missing in the viewing of the memories in still motion. The stillness is the snapshot… a burst of love, a thought, an emotion, captured. The motion is the life. The people. The relationships, the effort, and the small things we missed along the way. And that is truly where the anchor is; in our connections with each other. Those go with us, where ever we roam or re-plant ourselves. We all could use the reminder…..care for the roots. Those we love are the garden of our life, here…..or there.

    • I find memories to be very precious and meaningful – especially as I find I have fewer of them. And I would never throw away the toy wreath!

      • Very sweet… your home is in your heart, not the other way around. So thankful for my fantastic siblings! Can we photoshop Mike into any of these?? hahahaha

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