Now for the hard part

The last of the holiday-visiting relatives have left (so sad), the leftovers are eaten (so full), the tree is down (so dropping needles), the new year has arrived (so foggy). So, no more excuses. Time to get serious about the packing, the fixing, the cleaning, and the organizing.

So many decisions: Pods or storage locker? Where should we have our mail sent? Who will manage the cabin rental? What do we need to fix around here before we can put our house on the market? Where can I find a good, cheap, used 21″ women’s mountain bike? How long will it take to figure out our health insurance ? Who can re-uphoster the Airstream cushions? Who wants to buy my old car? What to keep, give away, sell or toss? Where can I get many, many boxes? And what about the cat?

I’m firmly in list mode – just making a list makes me feel like I got something done. We have lists of what we need to do, what we need to buy, what we need to sell, repair, and store. And writing this blog is actually helping me procrastinate just a bit more.

2 thoughts on “Now for the hard part

  1. Karina, I think a big change like this charges your batteries in a unique way. I know the ‘ruts’ I get into give me a sense of comfort and security, which I do need, getting out of them stimulates new learning I just don’t get any other way! We haven’t left yet – the house sale just closed yesterday and we’re finally all moved out. So we expect to take off in a couple of weeks. So excited to hear about your move to Brasil – that sounds amazing. Look forward to keeping in touch.

  2. wow, I relate. After spending 7 weeks in Brasil a month ago I have decided I want to go back to live there, after 15 years in the US. I’m thinking I will go in July… But, I totally relate to your questions in this post. But there is great energy in changing doesn’t it? I’m fired up, though my husband is freaking out. eheh. Are you gone already? Big hug, Karina.

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