Tick, tick, tick…

The countdown clock is ticking. I’m waking up with partially formed lists in my head. With about 4 months left before we put our house on the market, how on earth to budget my time to do all the rest of the sorting, packing, decisions on keeping, giving away, and getting rid of 26 years worth of accumulated stuff? Not to mention house repairs, buying an Airstream trailer, reupholstering cushions for said trailer, buying a truck, selling cars, piano and furniture. Did I mention we’re the very proud owners of a 25′ Airstream? Meanwhile we’re having families over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. And it goes without saying that I’m still working (oh, and I’m out of town half the time)!

It’s stunning how much stuff you can pack into 2,400 square feet and so many years of living, working and raising a family in it.

InsideWe did get a head start on the big purge this summer. We had a garage sale to give us an early deadline. I plowed through every cupboard and closet in the house (except the ones with Bruce’s stuff, though I was tempted) and only kept the really good stuff. I was ruthless. The  sale was kind of a bust–it was in late September, it was rainy, only the most adventurous bargain hunters came. But we didn’t care that much. We took 8 car-loads of stuff to the thrift shop afterwards.  And then I started dumping recycling cans full of old print design samples, accumulated work notes, household records. And packing books and odds and ends we don’t use regularly. I was so proud of myself.

Now it’s almost Thanksgiving. By now I thought I would feel way ahead of this enormous project, but it feels like we’ve barely made a dent.

It makes me feel like crawling into a hot bath, because the clock is counting down on the number of soaks I’ll get in our beautiful soaking tub too.

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